Environmentally friendly and recycled products for 

professionals and households


GreenPolly aims to make a difference. Our wish is to consume and recycle otherwise discarded plastic. The GreenPolly brand offers a wide range of environmentally friendly products manufactured from recycled plastic. Recycled plastic is an excellent alternative to standard polyethylene plastic produced from oil. It reduces new plastic production and by re-using existing plastic, we can reduce the amount of oil required and reduce CO2 emissions. The product range consists of fully recycled polyethylene products for professionals and households such as waste bags and liners in many sizes and qualities, freezer bags, snack bags, aprons, tire bags, pallet hoods, recycled aluminium foil and more. Our product range will continue growing with an eye on recycling and environmental considerations.



All our products are produced from plastic waste, collected from industry and consumers. Our innovative technology turns it into recycled plastic products. Are you looking for fully recycled products for your business? Then have a look at our product range here


GreenPolly is a range of environmentally friendly products for industry, retail, HORECA and health sector. The products are made of fully recycled plastic. Why is that a good thing? 

The Environment


We have to reduce our use of plastic, reuse plastic where it is possible and recycle plastic, so it can be used in new products. Read more about the environmental benefits of recycled plastic here.



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    Think recycling and renewable raw materials



    GreenPolly produces sustainable and environmentally friendly products for households and industry. Amongst our products you will find aprons, pallet hoods, waste bags and waste liners in several sizes and qualities. Our waste bags are made of recycled plastic. All our products are environmentally friendly and sustainable, and with that in mind we will continue to expand the range of products.


    GreenPolly is a brand from BioBag International, that has been leading in producing compostable and biodegradable plastic products for more than 20 years. BioBag has many years of experience with sustainable and environmentally friendly products. When it comes to plastic, we think it is important to use the right kind of plastic for the right kind of purpose. With GreenPolly we have created a product range that reuse some of the enormous amounts of plastic that are already here and therefore makes a significant contribution towards reducing CO2 emissions.