About GreenPolly

Less CO2 – More Recycled – A Better Choice

GreenPolly is a line of products for retail and industry, with a keen focus on reusing virgin plastic and being more environmentally friendly. The GreenPolly products are developed for waste management and household and gives you the opportunity to choose a green path in your household or company. 


Plastic waste is a major challenge for our environment. Increasing amounts of plastic are finding their way into incinerators, landfill and nature and the problem is reaching crisis levels. Plastic waste causes a particular problem for the marine environment. By recycling plastic and using it to produce new products, society minimizes the amount of plastic in circulation and reduces new plastic production. Estimates suggest that as much as 8% of global oil production is used to manufacture plastic. By re-using existing plastic, we can also reduce the amount of oil required and reduce CO2 emissions. GreenPolly is produced from plastic waste collected from industry and consumers. Normally, this is incinerated, but our innovative technology turns it into recycled new plastic products.


The GreenPolly products are made of recycled plastic, but we will also include other products that makes sense when it comes to recycling such as aluminium foil made of recycled aluminium. 

We will continuingly expand the range of GreenPolly products in collaboration with our customers and follow the development and inventiveness in responsible products.



We will be happy to hear from you, so please write if you have questions about our products, want to meet one of our salespeople or you just have a great idea for a new product.


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