The Environment

Fortunately, there is a big consensus all over the world that we should take care of our planet and be aware of the environment. Plastic pollution is a big issue and there is a lot of projects working on solving this huge problem.


As a consumer it can be difficult to figure out how to make a difference. A simple way to look at it is that we all unite in reducing the use of plastic, reuse it when possible and collect plastic to reuse it in new products. Plastic should not be left in nature but should be reused and recycled.

Traditional Polyethylene (PE) is produced from fossil raw materials such as oil or natural gas and is found in many everyday products that we all have come to love and hate. The EU parliament estimates that in 2015 the production of plastic was 322 million tons in the world and that 30% of that is being recycled, 31% ends in landfill and 39% gets incinerated.


The pressure on our resources and environment will increase if our waste stream continues to grow and by recycling plastic the amount of waste going to incinerators will be reduced. GreenPolly aims to make a difference. Our wish is to consume and recycle otherwise discarded plastics so that we reduce the negative impact that the extraction and processing of fossil raw materials has on the environment when new plastic products are created.  



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