The HORECA sector is an area where the use of plastic is very high, especially in relation to waste management. If you are sorting organic waste then you can benefit from using our compostable liners, but for all other types of waste you can have a better environmental policy by using recycled plastic. By using GreenPolly waste bags, your CO2 footprint will be strongly improved, and your company will become a company that cares about the environment.

We have developed a full range of bags, liners especially for waste management in the HORECA sector. When you have made the choice of becoming more environmentally friendly, waste management is an area with great environmental benefits because of the large amount of waste bags being used. Often there is a great need for disposable aprons in kitchens. We offer aprons on a roll, where you simply tear of the aprons one by one. As a company you will benefit by having a more sustainable profile both internally and externally towards your customers.



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