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Consumers today are becoming more and more aware of their environmental footprint. Many people want to make a difference and live as environmentally friendly as possible. Most consumers are aware that plastic has a huge impact on the environment and that we need to minimize the use of it. We have made an assortment for the conscious consumer that makes it easy to choose environmentally friendly products. Retailers can influence this trend by having environmentally friendly products on the shelves, which allows consumers to make the right choice.

With our product line GreenPolly produced of green polyethylene and post-consumer recycled plastic, we can now offer our customers an environmentally friendly alternative to products made of ordinary polyethylene for collection and handling of all types of waste.

Green polyethylene is produced from sugar cane and is in contrast to regular PE (produced by ethane from the oil industry) far more environmentally friendly. Green polyethylene has a reduced CO2 emissions when produced. Green polyethylene is a plastic produced from ethanol sugarcane, a renewable raw material. The traditional polyethylene uses fossil sourced raw material such as oil. The sugar cane that is used to produce green polyethylene, like our product line GreenPolly, captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere during its production. This helps reducing greenhouse gases, which means that the raw material that is used to produce green polyethylene is completely CO2 neutral.

For retailers we offer a wide range of products such as waste bags, sacks, liners, snack & sandwich bags, recycled aluminium foil and dog bags.



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