Pipes and Cores

GreenPolly offers pipes and cores to various industries produced from 100% recycled plastic. Pipes are available with UV protection. We advise customers based on their requirements. PCR – post consumer resin is used polyethylene that is collected to be recycled in order to minimize the production of virgin plastic. PCR is an eco-friendly option to support recycling programs and circular economy.

Material: 100% PCR
DM mm Thickness
50: 3,3 – 5,8
63: 2,8 – 5,8
75: 3,0 – 5,8
90: 3,5 – 5,8
93: 2,8 – 5,8
106: 2,0 – 5,8
12A:4,8 – 5,8

Length:  6000 mm
Colour: available in various colours

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