Tyre Bags

GreenPolly offers sustainable and eco-friendly tyre storage bags for the motor industry produced of 100% post-consumer recycled material. PCR – post consumer resin is used polyethylene that is collected to be recycled in order to minimize the production of virgin plastic. PCR is an eco-friendly option to support recycling programs and circular economy. Use our tyre bags for clean and convenient transport and storage of tyres. Tyre bags protect tyres against environmental damage, moisture, rust, and dirt prolonging the life of tyres when in storage.

Material: 100% PCR
Thickness: 25-90 microns (with virgin bags), 30-90 microns (with rec bags)
Width: 800-1200mm
Length: 700-2000mm
Colour: available in various colours or transparent
Print: 1+0, 1+1, 2+0 various colours, running print, local print

The tyre bags are available with a neutral band, customized coloured band or without band (without core). Contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements via the contact form below.

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