Disposable Capes

With the growing focus on hygiene, bacteria and virus protection, disposable capes are extremely practical.  GreenPolly offers disposable capes that are made of a mix of post-consumer recycled plastic and recyclable plastic. PCR is an eco-friendly option to support recycling programs and circular economy. Our capes are suitable for hairdressing salons but can also be used in other industries that work with personal care where a high level of hygiene is required. The disposable capes are flexible and fits all sizes. They are watertight and lightweight.

Material: PCR mix
Thickness: 16-50microns for aprons on roll, for loose aprons to 90 microns
Width: 700-1000 mm
Length: 1000-1600mm
Colour: available in various or transparent

We provide the disposable capes on role, lose or roll-on core 31mm. Please contact us via the contact form below for more information.

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